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Bluedreamer's TV Marathon is an entertainment blog that solely focus on Philippine Entertainment events which covers the latest current events on Philippine TV, latest programs, celebrity gossips, and more. It provides tv and movie reviews as well. [ NEW: I recently introduced the so called 'TV Marathon Score Board" that provides an extensive review on tv shows and movies based on certain criteria.

Super Blog is a blog that tackles about
our all time favorite Super heroes. It offers a comprehensive portfolios of different fictional heroes and villains from different comics and game creators like Marvel, DC and Capcom. It also shares latest movie trailers, episode guides and more. [ NEW: Super Recap is the newest addition to our Super Blog that features back those episodes from our all time favorite Superhero tv shows like Justice League, Avengers, Xmen and more.]

Bluedreamer's Top Five is an All-in-One entertainment blog that offers a unique approach to its followers. As what the site's name suggests, it offers exciting Top Five lists ranging from different categories such as Trivias, Music, Entertainment, anime, current events and more. Most lists were objectively done and has proper basis though not in general. Some of the blog's notable portions is the yearly "Blog Idol Contest" and the "Interesting Blog of the Month" portions.

The Comic Series Blog is an Art Blog that features my very own comic series. I am not an expert Comics artist but drawing has been a passion to me since I was a kid so I make use of this blog as a way of expressing my artistic side (^_^). Have fun reading my comics and feel free to share your opinion. constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

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